Literature Connection

History Connection to Quotes from the book

” The porter not only did not rise from his seat when he passed, but never even glanced at him, any more than if a fly had flown through the reception-room. His superiors treated him in cooly despotic fashion” (Gogol 2). Gogol noticed how higher ranks in Russian society treated others below their class rank, which showed in his work. The noble individuals acted as if the peasants didn’t exist, just like how the porter treated Akakiy Akakevitch.

Russian Empire 1820

“The reader must know that the prominent personage had but recently become a prominent personage, having up to that time been only an insignificant person. Moreover, his present position was not considered prominent in comparison with others still more so. But there is always a circle of people to whom what is insignificant in the eyes of others, is important enough” (Gogol 12). A very important part of Russian society is making sure that everyone knows everyone else’s rank. Gogol went out of his way to tell the reader the present position of the character, because that ideology influenced the text.

“For his subordinate would turn up his nose, promise well, and drop the matter there” (Gogol 11). The officials in Russia would often not help people in need if their position was not important enough. This happened in The Overcoat when Akakiy Akakevitch was ignored by the police watchman because his social class was so low.

More Quotes that Relate to the History

“And the young man… shuddered at seeing how much inhumanity there is in man, how much savage coarseness is concealed beneath delicate, refined worldliness, and even, O God! in that man whom the world acknowledges as honorable and noble” (Gogol 2).

“‘A new one?’ said he, as if still in a dream: ‘why, I have no money for that'” (Gogol 5).

“In short, all his money must be spent.. He even got used to being hungry in the evening, but he made up for it be treating himself, so to say, in spirit, by bearing ever in mind the idea of his future cloak” (Gogol 7).

“The watchman replied that he had seen two men stop him in the middle of the square, but supposed that they were friends of his; and that, instead of scolding vainly, he had better go to the police in the morrow (Gogol 11).

“On receiving any one of that rank, he became confused, lost his way, as it were, and never knew what to do” (Gogol 12).

“But we have totally neglected that certain prominent personage who may really be considered as the cause of the fantastic turn taken by this true history” (Gogol 15).


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